One might wonder what's the point of putting so much effort into the way one looks. There are a number of reasons, but the one that stands out the most  to me is that when you look good you also feel good. And confidence is one thing that never goes out of style.
      The first thing to note is to dress for yourself and not someone else. Your style should be an expression of your personality - putting your best foot forward. More often than not you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression, and that first impression is often determined by the clothes you wear. 1. Exchange your flats for heelsSwapping your flat shoes for heels takes your look from casual to smart casual. If you're not use to wearing heels start out with kitten heels then work your way to stilettos with a higher heel. 2. Try a bit of matchy-matchyMatching your shoes to your hand bag is a great way to update your look, making you look that much more classier and chic. Matching an item of clothing with your shoes also works. This makes you look more put together and polished. 3. Some lip serviceYou don't need to be all puffed up with makeup to wear lipstick. Wearing a simple pink or red lip colour can update your look, making you look more put together. 4. A blazerTo get a stylish relaxed look, pair your outfit with a blazer. You can wear a blazer with jeans, shorts, a dress or a skirt. Blazers take your look to smart casual or formal if you're wearing a suit. 5. Tie a bunWhether it's a well put together bun or a messy bun, a bun hair-do gives you a sophisticated and refined look. People are more inclined to take you seriously with such a hairstyle, especially when you're in business or corporate. 6. Walk a bit fasterStrangely enough slightly increasing the pace at which you walk  with gives people the impression that you are going places, and you're a person who knows what they want. It makes you look more serious and determined - which is always a good thing to be when you're making moves. 7. AccessoriseSomething as simple as an accessory can update your look dramatically, whether its ear rings, necklaces, sunglasses, bangles, headbands or scarfs. Try and keep it simple and don't wear many accessories at the same time. Otherwise you will look like your accessories are fighting for attention. Give a person's eye a singular place to focus on when they look at you. Keeping all this in mind its important to wear clothing that fit you and your body type.  Fashionably Yours- The View Collection